Happy Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day are the West’s traditional holiday, women and men to take this with chocolate, greeting cards and flowers to an IM conversation. China’s young people now use near-fanatical enthusiasm have played a Valentine’s Day, the traditional holiday in China outside of another important holiday. OK, today to recommend the following programs and wish […]

Chinese Traditional Festival: Lantern Festival

The first lunar month on the 15th, is Chinaese traditional festivals during the Lantern Festival. The first month at the Lunar of January, the ancients called “night” and on the 15th is also the year the first full moon night, it said fifteenth day for the Lantern Festival.Also known as the small New Year,”yuanxi” or […]

Happy New Year Chinese ~

Today is Chinese New Year. Year of the Ox! My famliy celebrate this holiday in our household. Needless to say (as with most Chinese traditional holidays) this involves stuffing yourself with food! At least it was healthy food is all I’m going to say about that. We eat dumpling and square cake, They are all China’s traditional […]

Midwinter’s Day(Winter Solstice) Of China

Today is Midwinter’s Day, also known as Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night of the year of China.  After this day, the frost winter(entering nines) begins and the coldest temperature comes to everywhere.  I’m sure most people in China have now experienced the significant drop in temperature. Two days ago I was […]