WP-Answers Plugin Review & Download

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WP-Answers Plugin Review

The WP-Answers is a new WordPress Plugin that can convert your wp site into a Question and Answers community. Which can Let your visitors provide your content. Also can pulls questions and answers from Yahoo Answers and auto-posts them on your site, unlimited search terms can be setup to post every hour, every day etc..


People can register and ask questions, people can then answer them and earn points. Whcih the fresh daily, constantly updated content is provided. You can also configure the plugin to post content regularly as you specify, from every hour to once a month. That’s the Google & other search engines love these sites – search engine robots are constantly crawling them and growing our results in the search engines.

Wp Answers Plugin


I have use the WP Answers WordPress Plugin some month and have make some money, The WP Answers plugin the easily be used.

Earn Cash on Auto-Pilot

By adding adsense or other contextual advertising within the questions and answers generates a solid monthly income. All ad positions have been tested for the best placements to mazimize click through rates. Insert your adsense code from within our easy to use options panel.

The Wp-Answers plugin also includes an ad-management system so you can manage the 125px banners, use these to include affiliate banners or private ads to boost your income even further.

Automatic Content from Yahoo Answers

You can configure the plugin to pull content directly from Yahoo Answers (US, UK or Canada sites). It then posts this as questions and any replies are also posted as if from members of your site. Regular members can also contribute answers.

6 Optimised themes Included

The WP Answers plugin included 6 Premium, optimised wordpress themes and very easy to customise. They are full widgetized and include a theme options panel for you to configure them.

Other WP-Answers Key Features:

  • Question & Answers System – Site visitors can register on the site and ask questions, other members can answer these questions and then the original person selects the best answer and the question is marked as solved.
  • Profile Pages – Each member gets their own profile page which shows their information, questions asked and questions answered.
  • Auto Updating – Using a built in CRON system you can configure the plugin to post content regularly when you specify, from every hour to once a month.
  • Full Advertising Management
  • Free Tutorials & Support for Life

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A single license for WP Answers WordPress question & answers plugin retails for $89, a multi license costs $179 whilst a developer license will set you back $249. All purchases come with a 14 day money back guarantee for those who are not 100% happy with the product.

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