iPhone in China, India faces an uncertain future difficult

IPhone limelight in recent years are the most powerful mobile products, India is currently the fastest growing mobile phone market, Apple’s original iPhone in India on the development of the high expectations placed. However, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone since August last year since the start iPhone sales, iPhone in India has been in poor status. Apple did not disclose revenue figures the Indian market, but executives confirmed a Airtel, analysts expect sales iPhone in India is less than 20,000.

Youtube Is Blocked In China Now!

 Now Youtube is finally, finally, completely unable to access even in zhejiang (northern China). Fuck GFW! Well… many friends told me (via IM and Twitter)  that Youtube, the most popular video sharing site is now blocked in southern China. The ISP is China Telecom, which covers mostly in southern China. http://search.twitter.com/search?q=youtube+blocked+China You can find more people are […]

Why the English site pagerank is high

I am a Chinese, Chinese is my mother language.Most of the website is English, in the recently years, chinese websites are creasing very quickly.But the pagerank of chinese websites are very low till September 27th, after this day chinese websites have a pagerank of 10.The site is ‘www.miit.gov.cn’. It is a site of China goverment. […]

Chinese Traditional Festival: Lantern Festival

The first lunar month on the 15th, is Chinaese traditional festivals during the Lantern Festival. The first month at the Lunar of January, the ancients called “night” and on the 15th is also the year the first full moon night, it said fifteenth day for the Lantern Festival.Also known as the small New Year,”yuanxi” or […]

Chinese IM Tool: QQ2009 Beta English Release

Chinese IM tool The QQ, Tancheng LCC. Release QQ2009 Beta English,So from now on, we can use it talk with everyone, Also Chinese and English. Great for people. If you are a newer, and no QQ ID. Apply for a QQ ID for free.  Language: English    Size: 14.2M System Requirements (Support Windows Vista) Official Free Download […]

Happy New Year Chinese ~

Today is Chinese New Year. Year of the Ox! My famliy celebrate this holiday in our household. Needless to say (as with most Chinese traditional holidays) this involves stuffing yourself with food! At least it was healthy food is all I’m going to say about that. We eat dumpling and square cake, They are all China’s traditional […]

I’m QQ: QQ Speaks English Now

When we are talking about China’s Internet companies, we will definitely talk Tencent, whose IM software QQ is the most popular IM software in China. At the time I’m writing this post, QQ has over 45m concurrent users online. Based on its QQ software, Tencent generated revenue of USD297 million in the quarter ended on […]

Merry Christmas To You!

Today is Merry Christmas 2008! Happy Merry Christmas to everybady ! I’d like to send my greetings to all my friends, To the new friend we just get to friendship! Christmas is like Chinese happy new year! So. I always say happy new year and merry christmas to you! 🙂 The Christmas,everyone is happy, much for kids, […]

Midwinter’s Day(Winter Solstice) Of China

Today is Midwinter’s Day, also known as Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night of the year of China.  After this day, the frost winter(entering nines) begins and the coldest temperature comes to everywhere.  I’m sure most people in China have now experienced the significant drop in temperature. Two days ago I was […]

Samsung start to use AMD notebook platform

Today, Intel has been on the “loyalty” of Samsung Electronics, recently introduced to China market, the two platforms using AMD PUMA notebook R503 and R505. AMD is by virtue of the new “high-definition video” and “games” as a selling point of the PUMA platform in the notebook market with Intel to start hand-to-hand. Mid-October, there have been […]