Happy New Year Chinese ~

Today is Chinese New Year. Year of the Ox! My famliy celebrate this holiday in our household. Needless to say (as with most Chinese traditional holidays) this involves stuffing yourself with food! At least it was healthy food is all I’m going to say about that. We eat dumpling and square cake, They are all China’s traditional […]

Merry Christmas To You!

Today is Merry Christmas 2008! Happy Merry Christmas to everybady ! I’d like to send my greetings to all my friends, To the new friend we just get to friendship! Christmas is like Chinese happy new year! So. I always say happy new year and merry christmas to you! 🙂 The Christmas,everyone is happy, much for kids, […]

Thanksgiving Day In US, Canada and Grenada

What is Thanksgiving Day? Do you know it, Thanksgiving Day is a joyous family festival celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in US, Canada and several other countries. Thanksgiving Day Festival commemorates the feast held by the Pilgrim colonists and members of the Wampanoag people at Plymouth in 1621. On this day people express gratitude to God […]