Happy Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day are the West’s traditional holiday, women and men to take this with chocolate, greeting cards and flowers to an IM conversation. China’s young people now use near-fanatical enthusiasm have played a Valentine’s Day, the traditional holiday in China outside of another important holiday. OK, today to recommend the following programs and wish a happy holiday!

First watch the movie 《Fireproof》. The best with your boyfriend, girlfriend or wife, the husband watched, I believe there will be unexpected. The film briefly firefighters how to save a marriage with his wife the story of the crisis. Simple but missing a very ordinary life. The movie Remember the word “Never Leave Your Partner Behind”. The film, as well as for the marriage has not yet been mating but will consider the marriage of young people are well worth consideration, and even some ways to direct borrowing. The film director had boasted: “If you watch movies, have not been moved to tears at least twice more, then you are not human