Free WordPress Theme : FH-Freedom-Reloaded

FH-Freedom-Reloaded is a re-work and modification of “FH Freedom blue 0.2” theme released by Frank Helmschrott. I was very impressed by the theme but have found that it was incompatible with WordPress 2.2 and widgets system integrated into new version. There was also an issue with many things being in German and some CSS issues. […]

Too Newsy Performancing Theme

We are pleased to announce the January, 2009 Performancing Theme release: Too Newsy. The Too Newsy Performancing Theme for WordPress is a three-column WordPress theme that uses minimal images and earthy colors, contributing to a touch of elegance. The theme features widget-ready sidebars, which can accommodate several different image dimensions (suitable for button and banner […]

31 Most Important SEO Tips

We also want to SEO our website, We all think about what can we do? Which is the best way to SEO our blogs? Today, I write 32tips what I have to do to SEO my WebAboutMoney blog. Following these simple tips will definitely boost your traffic and search engine rankings for free. 1. Make sure your site is […]

27 Websites Design with Wood

Nature elements especially wood can be seen in many website design nowadays. Wood mainly being used as a website’s background image, but there’s some other websites use wood for other purposes as well. It’s fascinating to see how different wood color and texture can give different feelings to enhance the design. However, this does not […]

Free WordPress Theme Recommend:Guzel Pro Magazine

Theme Introduction :Guzel Pro Magazine is the newest generation of Guzel Magazine Theme. If you are using Guzel, you will surely like this one too. Basically there was very minor CSS / template work done in the new generation but the Guzel pro version is released today with many powerful features which will be explained […]

Free WordPress Theme Recommend: SEO Basics Optimized

You may have seen our first Optimized WordPress Theme Small Business SEO and now joining the lineup is SEO Basics a FREE WordPress theme inspired by our very own site at SEO Design Solutions. Details about the SEO Basics theme: Orange, black, and gray combined to create a clean, great-looking theme. Supports rotating 125×125 sidebar […]