Free WordPress Theme : FH-Freedom-Reloaded

FH-Freedom-Reloaded is a re-work and modification of “FH Freedom blue 0.2” theme released by Frank Helmschrott. I was very impressed by the theme but have found that it was incompatible with WordPress 2.2 and widgets system integrated into new version. There was also an issue with many things being in German and some CSS issues.

Theme Features:

  • Fully compatible with WordPress 2.2 and widgets system.
  • System has a left column for content and smaller right sidebar. I have done a mod that I personally found useful – right sidebar has actually 4 columns: 1 top column that uses full width of the sidebar; 2 side-by-side columns for smaller widgets and ads; 1 bottom column that also uses full width of the sidebar.
  • CSS was modified to make it clean (as much as I managed, css is not my strongest skill) and fully compatible and tested with Mozilla Firefox, IE6 and IE7. Based on my analysis this covers about 97% of all browsers and I didn’t test it in any others, which should work as long as they are properly process css.
  • No additional plugins required to make it run properly.

Download FH-Freedom-Reloaded Theme