MovieSitePress Two Video WordPress Themes Download

MovieSitePress is premium video WordPress theme with one package of two theme, The Movies WordPress theme suited for anyone who want to Movie and Tv show websites and make money. The MovieSitePress theme package with movie site promotion guide to help you maximise your earnings in the movie and TV show niche. Look at these […]

December 2nd: New Prince of Persia Hits Shelves

Kotaku reports today that the latest and somewhat different Prince of Persia game will be released December 2nd. Personally I haven’t been a big fan of 3rd person action games and shooters, but The Force Unleashed made me a little more open to the experience.   I’ve never played Prince of Persia more than the […]

Some Websites Unblocked in China

I think that ,The opening ceremony of Game of the XXIX Olympiad, at Beijing, China. so some if the Chinese Wikipedia is unblocked in China now. The unblocking of the Chinese Wikipedia in China has probably been extended to cover the whole of China. Chinese users have direct access Chinese Wikipedia from very different corners of the country. […]

Google Lively has Many Adult Rooms

On july 9, I write a post about Google launched Lively Virtual World,The Google’s 3D chat world Lively shine. It’s ture that Google thinks let’s ask Lively’s community guidelines, which state: We don’t allow nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. This includes making sexual advances toward other users. We also don’t allow content […]