Apple iTunes 12 days for free download

Apple’s iTunes in Europe will from December 26 to January 6 of the 12-day free download, including music and video. iTunes puts your entire music and video collection a mouse click away, giving you an all-access pass to thousands of hours of digital entertainment. Browse. Organise. Play. All from your Mac or PC.  Apple will […]

Adobe Media Player 1.5 have released

Today,Adobe released his’ new products-Adobe Media Player (AMP) 1.5, AMP is based on the AIR platform for network applications, which can be viewed online and offline a variety of broadcast video. Watch what you want, when you want! Your favorite shows and clips all in one place, Experience the next generation of television with Adobe® Media […]

Starting Your Business with Plug-In Profit Site

Everyone knows, now the world economic crisis broke out, during this particular time. How to tide over the difficulties is how we can make more money, how we can build a better life. Maybe you don’t mind your job.  You go in, you put in your time and you get paid.The only way that there is to make more money. […]

Allvoices—The First True People’s Media

Do you have a computer? I think about 1/3 of people have a person PC. Do you like to read news online? I think everyone loves. Last questions, where are you like to read? blog sites, Large-scale website or community forum? how would you like to be treated as important? Our opinion matters a lot while being abreast with the events happening around us. Today i will recommended you a great world news site map, named allvoices.  […]

DVD-quality Web Video Will Come!

Recast Digital is promising high-definition and DVD-quality video delivered over the internet without the need for specialist software or workstation-class hardware. The company claimed that its technology enables high-quality video to be delivered over the public internet, and that consumers require nothing more than a browser and Adobe’s Flash plug-in to view the content. The […]

Echoes of War《Music of Blizzard Entertainment》Will be issued

Eminence Symphony Orchestra and Blizzard’s music co-produced collection of war songs echo [Echoes of War: Music of Blizzard Entertainment] will be issued on November 1, the beginning of reservations on the same day. Australia’s Eminence Symphony Orchestra has been engaged in music, games and animation have a period of five years, and the snow will […]

Ronan Keating-The Singer I Like!

Do you know the singer of Ronan Keating. I like his songs such as Friends In Time in album《Bring You Home》.  Others 《Hello Again》《 Just When I’d Given Up Dreaming》.《 We Just Need Time》.《 So Far Away》 Ronan Keating is very Pop singer。 Ronan Keating file: Ronan in 1977, said on March 3 was born […]

Four Premium Video and TV WordPress Themes From Press75

Premium theme’s here on, you will experience a quality product wrapped in a clean and efficient package. These themes have been tested on WordPress versions 2.3 – 2.8.1. Any limitations or problems with using this theme on anything below 2.3 are unknown and unsupported. Video Flick VideoFlick features a galley style layout with a primarily […]

《Left 4 Dead》Will Release and YouTube Video

Valve’s announces:《Left 4 Dead》Release Date: 11/20/2008, lands the platform: PC, XBOX360. Fight off the epidemic of zombies with up to 4-players in this co-op FPS from Valve. “Left 4 Dead” present is carrying on at the single campaign’s trimming, guaranteed that plays AI to have the good performance; The story description erupts one kind in […]

Amarok 2 Beta 2 has released on 6/10

Amarok is the music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. Amarok makes playing the music you love easier than ever before – and looks good doing it. Now, Amarok 2 Beta 2 released. The Amarok team, in a brief pause from the frantic coding marathon towards the final release, is very pleased […]