12 New WordPress Plugin Releases

Simply Show IDs Simply shows the ID of Posts, Pages, Media and Links in the admin tables for easy access. Google Website Optimizer for WordPress This simple plugin lets you optimize your landing pages (as posts or pages) using the Google Website Optimizer without needing to edit the HTML code of the theme. Page not […]

AutoBlogged: Automatically Generate Blog Posts WordPress Plugin

AutoBlogged is a powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress that automatically creates posts from any RSS or Atom feed. With dozens of powerful features, AutoBlogged is one of the most flexible feed aggregating plugins available. AutoBlogged WordPress Plugin will create blog posts for you from any RSS or Atom feed. You can quickly build content portals, […]

WP125: Manage 125×125 Banner Ads Easyly

If you’ve like me to start selling ads on your WordPress blog, you either signup for an advertising network like Google Adsense or sell ads directly on your own. You know 125 x 125 button advertising has become a rage with almost every blog / site selling advertisement. The WP125 plugin is designed to make […]

New WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/19

Emo Vote Emo Vote let’s you encourage your users be letting them express their feelings by “emoting” rather then voting. Emoting is a fairly simple activity, just press the button that describes your feeling towards the post you just read. Use External Permalink This plugin allows you to change the permalink of any post by […]

New WordPress Plugin Releases After 01/10

No Update :Got a version of a plugin that you want to stick with? Don’t want to upgrade? Want to kill that upgrade nag on the plugins page? “No Update” is for you. wpNSC (Not Short Code): Allows shortcodes to be escaped. Very useful for plugin authors who need to write documentation for their plugin on […]

Let Twitter Avatars Show In Comments Area

When my blog online! I have signed up Gravatar , and let my blog show Gravatar in comment area, Do you think about to show Twitter avatar. Smashing Magazine released a new plugin last week which shows a commenters Twitter avatar in the comment area. There are still a lot of blog commenters who haven’t […]

8 New WordPress Plugin Releases

Get Picasa Albums :Gets a listing of Picasa Web Albums and displays album thumbnails on your page. Automatic SEO Links: Forget to put manually your links, just choose a word and a URL and this plugin will replace all matches in the posts of your blog. Get Flickr Thumbnails:Get Flickr Thumbnails plugin can get thumbnails for […]

19 New WordPress Plugin Releases for 11/11

I find that, too many day I havn’t report new WordPress Plugin Releases news, so today, i reorganization 19 new WordPress Plugin for you! look at here! Negaraku Adds Negaraku button to your WordPress blog posts – fully customizable. Birthday List Enter the birthdays you want to remember and it will warn you 7 days in advance. WordPress […]

How To Put Your Adsense In The Middle of The Post

How to SEO your ads,want to make more money by your blog,There is a way is Puting Your Adsense In The Middle of The Post, There is a simple way to solve this problem: move post body around the advertising code, just with a bunch of JavaScript , a couple of DIVs, a wordpress plugins-AdMan . Ok […]

8 plugins to improve the safety of the WordPress

WordPress’ safety is very important. So what can you to help the safety ?There are eight plugins can help you to take is safe! 1.AskApache Password Protect Role: the protection of WordPress directory management, plug-in allows you to / wp-admin / encryption, to help define. Htaccess files. Plug-in pages: htaccess password protection for wp-admin 2. WP Security […]