Hot Tips for Successful Blogging

You know , a good blog always have lots of hot tips, here a some of my: Write Quality Content Writing quality content plays a significant role in terms of search engine ranking and traffic and nothing can replace quality content. If you write duplicate content then it turns your users Off besides degrading your […]

LinkXL – Traffic Building And Make Money With Selling Links

If you are find the Google Adsense is making money a little, How do you want to change it. Here’s an alternative Adsense to monetize your blog.  you can benefit from the service provided at Linkxl. is a marketplace for contextual advertising that connects advertisers and publishers. You can set the price you want to charge […]

50 Directories With Good Google Page Rank – Submit Your Blog Into

If you are building links for your blog to improve your Google Page Rank and Search Engine Position, What can we do,there are 50 Directories for free to submit your blog in. The list is sorted according to their Google page rank. And the best part of it is that there is NO NEED FOR A RECIPROCAL LINK. […]

How to write 500 words fast(A Lesson on Writing)

Last night, One of my friends say, she received a review of sponsoredreviews,  Ad request 200 words, she say how to write , 🙂 I think it’s easy!  There are one of these essays on writings is Paul McHenry Roberts’s How to Say Nothing in Five Hundred Words, a brilliantly humorous introduction on writing college compositions. I discovered this essay today and […]

Think Keyphrase To Find Keyword

I think we are all thinking in terms of keywords? Keywords are so 20th century. People looking for my company, me or the types of services I offer are searching differently. One and two-word searches were once common but I’m seeing a trend toward more specific search terms when I review my Google Analytics. Here are […]

12 Ways To Create Traffic To You Site

when a blog site is ready! Then the frist thing is hou to Create Traffic , so I list some ways for you to Create Traffic To You Site . 1) Use keywords in Hyperlink and for your Filenames Search engine like Google,Yahoo,AOL and etc send out a script to your site to collect information […]

5 Ways To Find Best Keywords For Your Site

However, if you want to build a good site with the Search Engine, Keywords are a crucial aspect of any website. Making sure your web pages are optimised for the words and phrases used by people on Google etc is vital for on-line success. There are many ways of finding keywords and some great tools […]