8 Tips to Make Firefox Ridiculously Fast

You ARE using Firefox for your web browsing, right? If the answer is no, i HOPE it’s because you’re using Internet Explorer,Safari, Opera, or Google Chrome ;-). But for the rest of you (and those of you still trudging along with IE who have yet to make the move), It’s a British tech site called […]

IE Mobile6 Browser Has Double surface Will Present Existence

Microsoft soon promotes model of new handset browser software – Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 6. this software is Windows a Mobile 6.1 service platform part. But before a section of Microsoft Corporation’s browser’s design depends upon Internet Explorer 4 to do, moreover Internet Explorer 4 are a cross Microsoft Corporation the antique level browser which […]

Internet Explorer security levels compared

Steve Riley: A pretty good question came across the newsgroups the other day. Someone was asking what are the differences between IE’s “medium” and “medium-high” security settings. I did some digging, and found only this on MSDN: Templates provide an easy way for users to set the level of security they want for a particular […]