IE Mobile6 Browser Has Double surface Will Present Existence

Microsoft soon promotes model of new handset browser software – Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 6. this software is Windows a Mobile 6.1 service platform part. But before a section of Microsoft Corporation’s browser’s design depends upon Internet Explorer 4 to do, moreover Internet Explorer 4 are a cross Microsoft Corporation the antique level browser which promotes in September, 2007, calculated had already tested to the present the entire 11 years.

The IE Mobile 6 this model of new software has supported the newest standard and the function. What moreover is special is Internet Explorer Mobile 6 also has two kind of patterns to be possible to choose 0.1 kinds for the user is the mobile equipment pattern, but another kind is the tabletop pattern. Under tabletop pattern, IE Mobile 6 compatible Mozilla/4.0 MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1, in move under the pattern its compatible MSIE 6.0; Windows CE; IEMobile 8.12; MSIEMobile 6.0.

The place above image is the IE  Mobile 6 migration patterns, the beat is quite simple. The underneath picture is IE the Mobile 6 tabletop patterns, we may see under this pattern the browser looks like table model machine on the IE browser to be the same. However 6 probably does not have the big change in some detail aspect IE Mobile, is right side browser’s trundle strip likely, but also retained Windows 95 and Windows the CE same design, moreover IE Mobile 6 and the beforehand edition same at the same time can only open a homepage, but before generally speaking IE Mobile 6 compare the old edition has is very greatly progressive.