Midwinter’s Day(Winter Solstice) Of China

Today is Midwinter’s Day, also known as Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night of the year of China.  After this day, the frost winter(entering nines) begins and the coldest temperature comes to everywhere.  I’m sure most people in China have now experienced the significant drop in temperature. Two days ago I was […]

Top 10 Christmas Free WordPress Themes

At this time of the year, It’s time of Chrismas, what theme is better than a Christmas WordPress Theme!   Christmas is just around the corner, looking for some free Christmas theme and WordPress download up their own blog, which is, according to post-Christmas wallpaper and a touching gift, the selection of 10 Christmas WordPress blog […]

WordPress Christmas theme recommend: Christmas Gifts

The Christmas WordPress theme available for download! Christmas ‘tis the season of giving, as they say. So with this template we wanted to create a design that celebrates that exact aspect of Christmas. This new theme, titled “Christmas Gifts”, has a fairly clean and simple look with a beautiful header and a red & green color […]

Five Top Best Christmas Music CDs

The Day is comeing! Christmas is coming soon! How happy it is, We will buy many things! Such as Music CDs ,So today I recommended Five Top Best Christmas Music CDs for you! (1) Sufjan Stevens – Songs for Christmas Why You Aren’t Listening to It: Sufjan Stevens hasn’t had any mainstream attention (no matter […]