Midwinter’s Day(Winter Solstice) Of China

Today is Midwinter’s Day, also known as Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night of the year of China.  After this day, the frost winter(entering nines) begins and the coldest temperature comes to everywhere. 

I’m sure most people in China have now experienced the significant drop in temperature. Two days ago I was wearing short skirts and thin coats; now I doubled my clothes and put on a down jacket and still feel the cold when I’m writing this blog.  today is -2C’, the coldest day of this year. But if you stay in BeiJing, it’s snowing hardly now! I;m cold When i writing now. 🙂  I think it’s time will Christmas, In China, like me, We all celebrate Christmas,have Christmas trees and songs.

If in my hometown, we all eat small red bean add rice, Which named ChiDoufan celebrate this traditional festival,Look at the picture,

small red bean rice ChiDoufan

Which is said “The god of plague most fears the red bean, therefore, the people boil in winter solstice this day have the red bean food, with drives to evade the god of plague, the disaster prevention expels sickness. Eat them today, We are all health more.

But some people eat dumplings to celebrate this traditional festival. They said that if you don’t eat dumplings at Midwinter’s Day, you’ll get cold ears in the coming frozen winter. I just got back from the dumpling restaurant. There is no doubt that the business will be very good tonight ’cause dozens of people are waiting in line.


Have you eatn then today? Hurry up. Cooking them !

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