WooThemes Chapters Premium WordPress Theme

Chapters premium wordpress theme from Woothemes, It is a niche theme, specifically designed to be used to preview, tease & sell a new book. If you are finding a perfectly design to help sell your upcoming book, whilst allowing you to make some proper progress on writing the rest of it. The WooThemes Chapters theme […]

Use E-Junkie Shopping Cart & Templatic eBook Theme To Build Books Store

Today, I write a  E-junkie Tutorial, How to use E-Junkie Shopping Cart add a Templatic eBook Theme to build online book store, Sale your ebooks easily! If you like you can use Use E-Junkie Shopping Cart setup your book store now! Here is the E-Junkie Tutorial tell you how to set the E-Junkie Shopping Cart and […]

Templatic EBook Theme Premium Business WordPress Theme

EBook Theme is a premium Business WordPress Theme from Templatic WordPress Theme like the Templatic Eproduct Theme. It also a CMS premium WordPress theme, Create a quick, professional website for your book within minutes in WordPress using our strategically designed eBook theme, especially for Book authors. Templatic EBook Theme Feature: Two detailed color schemes Fully […]