Types of SMS Text Messages

SMS or Short Messaging Service can be defined as a technology which is used to send and receive text messages between cell phone devices. It may contain text, sound, voice or image messages. The limit of message you can send is 160 characters per message. Its a new way to stay in touch with your […]

The Cell Phone?A Diverse Piece of Equipment

The amount of activities a cell phone can perform, normally sells itself. However, there is some technical mumbo jumbo that needs to be understood by the purchaser.

Most Affordable US Prepaid Mobile Options

Prepaid mobile, or pay as you go plans, are usually packaged according to different types of user behaviour, so to save money it’s important to choose a specific plan, depending for instance on if you text a lot or if you call during peak times Here are some tips on choosing the best prepaid mobile phone plans in the US.

Free Line Rental

by Darryl Matsui Ever heard of a 12 months free line rental deal? Do you want to know how you can run a completely cost free mobile phone? If so, read on! Well, if you haven’t, you are about to find out how you can get a completely free mobile phone for 12 months. That […]