Free Line Rental

Ever heard of a 12 months free line rental deal? Do you want to know how you can run a completely cost free mobile phone? If so, read on!

Well, if you haven’t, you are about to find out how you can get a completely free mobile phone for 12 months. That means a free handset, with free calls and free text messaging!

By now you will have smelled a rat, it is not possible for retailers to give away free phones on free 12 month contracts and still make a profit, is it?

So, here is where it gets complex! With a free line rental deal you actually have to pay your phone bill as normal for the first 6 months or so. So, at this point it is not 12 months free line rental at all!

Later on in the contract, the retailer will give you the chance to make a claim for cash back from them. This cash back is what actually covers the cost of the mobile phone contract. Once you get that money back from the phone retailer, you will have got your phone cost free for 12 months.

So how do the retailers make money? Surely retailers lose money on free line rental deals? Absolutely, but, only if the customer successfully makes their claim for cashback! If the customer forgets to make that claim, then they end up paying their line rental as normal, and the retailer makes their money. You see, it is a battle of wits!

To reduce the number of people making a successful claim, retailers insist that you submit your claim on a particular date hoping you will forget! They also insist that you produce documentation such as phone bills, which they hope you will lose! By putting trips and clauses like these into free line rental deals retailers make sure that enough customers fail to get their cash back for them to make a profit. So, only by you failing to claim can the retailer make their money!

So, in many respects a free line rental deal is too good to be true. But, they are genuine. 12 month free line deals are legitimate and legal. It is possible to get a free mobile phone for 12 months if you are smart, and prepared to play the retailers at their own game!

If you take out a free line rental deal, just make sure that you organise yourself. That you know when you have to make your claim, and that you also know where all the necessary paperwork is!

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