DBPress Marcusblue WordPress Corporate Theme Framework

DBPress is a premium Corporate wordpress themes from Marcusblue. DBPress theme bundled with (2) Child themes ( highly flexible framework ) . The DBPress theme with Search Page powered by jquery technology for quick delivery of search results and user friendly search features. 





  1. Custom-built Media Box
    • Option to display images from Flickr and fetch a thumbnail image directly from Flickr
    • Option to display video from ALL video sharing sites. Supports thumbnail fetch for (1) youtube.com, (2)Blip.tv and (3) Vimeo.com
    • Option to display images from Flickr in gallery form by parsing the “Photoset” feed from Flickr. Gallery thumbs are displayed via a Jquery scroller, while individual images are displayed via a Jquery popup.
    • Option to display images from other online photosharing sites in gallery form. Simply enter the url of each image in the text box.
  2. Enhanced video, main image, gallery and thumbnail
    • Automatic thumbnail generation for images saved via the custom-built media box.
    • Automatic thumbnail generation for images saved from default WordPress’ “Add Photo” feature.
    • Automatic thumbnail generation for videos uploaded in Youtube, Blip and Vimeo.
    • Option to assign DEFAULT IMAGE thumbnail for posts or listings that DO NOT HAVE a photo or video (3 sizes).
    • Option to assign DEFAULT VIDEO thumbnail for posts or listings with embedded video that is saved or uploaded other than Youtube, Blip or Vimeo (3 sizes).
  3. Extra User Fields (including twitter field)
  4. Dynamic Header (add last twit or address or none)
    • Option to display the last twit or the address or none
    • Option to replace site title in text with image logo. Simply paste the url of image/logo in the text box.
    • Option to turn on/off site description
  5. Dynamic frontpage
    • Option to remove lead content
    • Option to display blog or profile
    • Option to add widgets
  6. Dynamic post page (12 available layouts)
    • Option to add Gallery with the use of a shortcode or by using the Custom-built Media box.
    • Option to add Status Boxes with a shortcode
  7. Dynamic listing page (12 available layouts)
    • Option to add Gallery with the use of a shortcode or by using the Custom-built Media box.
    • Option to add map and popup map with a shortcode
    • Option to add Detailed Features with a shortcode
    • Option to add Status Boxes with a shortcode
  8. Dynamic ‘page’ page (11 available layouts)
    • Option to display contents on equal columns layout (from 2 to 6 columns)
    • Add title, images and contents to each column in input and textarea boxes.
  9. Enhanced Comment feature
    • A Thank You! box after comment posting
  10. Jquery-powered send-to-author contact form (for listings)
    • Error Validation
    • A Thank You! box after contact form submission.
    • Author receives details of submission.
    • Email sender has an option to deliver details of submission to self.
  11. Turn on/off Middle Content (and switch between 3 and 4 columns) in pages, listings and posts.
    • Dynamic sidebar available for every column
  12. Popup Search Box
    • Default search box comes with clickable Advanced Search option.
    • Popup advanced search display search box with option to search in a specific category.
    • “More Search Options” feature displays custom taxonomies in a Jquery Accordion.
  13. Powerful Search Page
    • Jquery powered
    • Displays total search results count
    • Search alphabetically for letters or highest to lowest for numbers via the input boxes.
    • Display values of custom taxonomies in search results
  14. Category for default and listing
  15. Four (4) Custom-built Widgets
  16. Fifteen (15) Dynamic sidebars
  17. Packed with Special features

 Price:  Single Use $63   |  Developer’ Use  $150 

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