Headway Premium WordPress Theme – Unique Design All Control!

Headway Theme has just come out with a premium wordpress theme that makes creating and editing your site and blog MUCH easier.  It is perfect for the average blogger (or webmaster) and developers. All users of Headway can appreciate the ease of the drag and drop layout editor and the vast amount of options. You can move, create, drag and drop, and bascially create a very professional looking site without doing any coding at all.

Besides having superb design options, developers will be able to style everything with their own CSS and custom hooks. Oh, and if ever need to know how to do something with Headway or you have a problem, you will have the support of our helpful community.

headway themes homepage

When i first see the theme, I was strcuked  that was Headway is onle just a WordPress theme. The Headway is an wordpress theme framework that makes it easy to quickly build vastly different looking sites.

Usually it is pretty obvious when sites have the same theme. With the exception of different colors, headers, and a few other relatively minor changes they often look a lot alike.

But Headway makes modifying page layouts so simple that it is really easy to quickly create a very unique design for our site.

Always like me , When I routinely take free or premium WordPress themes, modify the CSS style sheets and images for a custom look and feel.  But Headway makes it easy to change nearly everything right from the WordPress dashboard without needing CSS skils.

Look at the Total Control:

Headway gives you total control over the look and layout of your site from the WordPress Dashboard. Here are just some of the things you can change on the fly:

  • Website width
  • Header
    • image or text
    • and placement
  • Main Navigation Position
  • Breadcrumbs
    • turn them on or off
    • adjust display position
  • Post Meta Data is fully customizable
  • Featured Posts
  • Excerpts
  • Comment Avatars
  • Font Types and Sizes – for 13 different site elements
  • Colors
    • for 37 site elements
    • by hex, RGB, or slider
  • Navigation Customization
    • Link Order
    • Which Pages Included
  • SEO
    • Page & Post Title Tags
    • Keywords
    • Descriptions
    • NoFollow options
    • NoIndex options
  • Native Post to Twitter

Headway Themes Price:   : $87 Personal License | $164 Developer License

  Get the new Headway wordpress theme

New Workable Headway Theme Coupon Promo Code:

I think most people want to buy the Headway Theme, But it price looks a little high, so we are all want to get some discount off. But i ture you are can’t find the really works  Headway Theme Coupon Codes. Such as Headway Theme Coupon Code noworking

Most sites say they will give back $10/$20 Discount back , But i think that is not Security for your paypal account.

So i asked headwaythemes.com for discount code many time, Luckly this time they give us a Headway Themes Coupon Code. I have test on buy the Headway Themes. It is Workable.  🙂

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Here your Headway Themes Coupon Code, Do share others. Enter Headway Coupon Code 3A92E0EDD9 during check out Headway theme, Get $ 17.4 with Personal License or $32.8 Developer License discount off for the Headway theme.

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