Youtube Is Blocked In China Now!

 Now Youtube is finally, finally, completely unable to access even in zhejiang (northern China). Fuck GFW! Well… many friends told me (via IM and Twitter)  that Youtube, the most popular video sharing site is now blocked in southern China. The ISP is China Telecom, which covers mostly in southern China. You can find more people are […]

GPS has the new software coming out of independent Apple iTunes

And a new GPS navigation software appear in iTunes, and the released product is XRoad Co. Developed G-Map US West and G-Map US East software, watch names on the map to know their coverage.  This software made use of iPhone 3G’s built-in GPS navigation program to work, can be used to display real-time route, and […]

G1 iPhone Remote Control and Sketch Creative

Recently, I came across two very interesting application of mobile phone expansion. One is  a small program developed by Steve Sprang for the iPhone, with it you can sketch on the iphone creation; Another is the RemoteDroid procedures of G1 phone, which can control of computers bywireless remote under the wifi environment, feeling control car of a bit […]

Starting Your Business with Plug-In Profit Site

Everyone knows, now the world economic crisis broke out, during this particular time. How to tide over the difficulties is how we can make more money, how we can build a better life. Maybe you don’t mind your job.  You go in, you put in your time and you get paid.The only way that there is to make more money. […]

My Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne’s Song

Avril Lavigne ‘s My Happy Ending, This song is so great ! I like it! This song means means a relationship where he was everything she ever wanted, but it turned out he was using her for fame. I can totally understand her and how she feels. I can really understand her because I have a special […]

Watch The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) Online

After popular but predecessors—1999’s “The Mummy” and 2001’s “The Mummy Returns”—fails to even fulfill this minimal expectation, there was never much chance that THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR was turn out to be a great film in Chinese, just enough to make this pleasant popcorn movie for viewers seeking action and adventure without […]

Movies-Cowboy Bebop

Introduction: Alone and Shi Paike are drive the airship “BEBOP” take to apprehend the fleeing criminal in the universe to obtain the bonus as the fresh monetary reward hunter. In the pairs person’s knew in interspace journey has carried the great debt the Philippines and the computer child prodigy loves Germany, because and adopted had […]

Google Lively has Many Adult Rooms

On july 9, I write a post about Google launched Lively Virtual World,The Google’s 3D chat world Lively shine. It’s ture that Google thinks let’s ask Lively’s community guidelines, which state: We don’t allow nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. This includes making sexual advances toward other users. We also don’t allow content […]

AudioVideoToExe: multimedia files will be converted into exe files

Audio/Video To Exe  is a very interesting tool, she could be some common audio and video files into exe files, and can play normal. In fact previously introduced a similar tool – mp3toexe. This tool is the biggest benefit, when you need to get a multimedia broadcast on a computer, you need not worry about […]

FLV Downloader flv-format super online video download

Oh, God, this is a powerful tool to support 124 video download sites, including Youtube, Google and so on. You can not download those video sites to fill the huge volume of ads for video downloads, do not have a video for the site does not offer video downloads – FLV Downloader all seem to […]