JoomlaShack JS Collective Joomla Corporate Template

JS Collective is template is a great premium joomla corporate template from JoomlaShack, JS Collective Joomla Template is simply perfect for any corporate company or business websites. The JoomlaShack JS Collective Joomla Corporate Template with 10 great looking preset color schemes, 12 collapsible module positions, 1-3 column layouts, CSS3 enhancements (text shadows, rounded corners, etc) […]

JoomlaShack JS Elated Joomla Multi-Purpose Template

JS Elated is a fun & upbeat joomla multi-purpose template from JoomlaShack, JS Elated template is simply perfect for any website or blog that compliments its cool, feel-good colors & styles–like a book review site/store, foodie & recipe site, scrapbooking or hobby site, a parenting blog, a mom’s blog, a coupon site, and more. JoomlaShack […]

JoomlaShack JS Enterprise Joomla Template

A great-looking website is just 1 part of brand-building (rich history, good deeds, great products, etc also play a part in brand-building), but if your website is cluttered and unprofessional, your company’s good reputation, engaging content, and awesome products won’t matter much to new visitors as they’ll never stick around long enough to learn more about […]

Joomlashack JS Socialite Premium Joomla Template

JS Socialite Joomla template is a dark-themed Joomla template that’s perfect for communities, social sites & gathering places and includes built-in styling for the JomSocial 2.0 community-creation component! And JS Socialite template is the perfect JomSocial template for any community. JS Socialite Template Features: Built-in styling for JomSocial 2.0 12 colorful themes included 11 stackable/collapsible […]

Joomlashack Phenom Premium Joomla Template

Phenom is new Phenomenally Easy to Customize premium joomla template from Joomlashack, Phenom template can be used for a variety of Joomla websites–including blogs, band sites, artist portfolios, and creative events. Phenom joomla template give you maximum customization options with minimal CSS editing. Phenom Template Features 24 Customizable Template Parameters – 12 stackable/collapsible module positions […]

Joomlashack Onyx Premium Joomla Template

Onyx is a Premium Joomla Template from JoomlaShack, Onyx joomla! template may be a good fit for designers, photographers, and musicians or just anyone who might prefer the nocturnal feel of dark Web sites. The joomlashack Onyx template comes with a bundle of extras such as a super-slick featured slider module, eye-popping typography, and several […]