Do you know the 6 advantage about iPhone

Apple iPhone launch is also a year, more than a year after a baptism of the market has been an unprecedented success, has never been involved in the field of communications Apple also from the very beginning, the question was to be sought later, a hit miracles in the industry.  Now, iPhone mobile phones has […]

Take A Look At Google phone:Goolge Android

Do you know the Google mobile G1 phone, Actually, The anothe phone-Goolge android to be completely accurate, there isn’t anything called “the Google phone.” You can’t buy “the Google phone,” any more than you can buy “the Windows PC.” Google makes the software (called Android), and it’s up to the phone manufacturers to build cellphones around […]

Fourth generation of iPod Nano

Fourth generation update iPod nano uses the tall and slender design, uses the aluminum system outer covering. Some 9 kind of colors may elect, the capacity has 8GB and the 16GB two kinds. This is also the Apple Company until now the thinnest iPod product. This machine built-in acceleration sensor, but the sensation places the […]

iPhone Nano is a Reality?

Like the iPhone but kind of miss how phones like the Motorola Razr felt in your pocket? There may be some relief on the way in the form of an iPhone Nano. But nothing is for certain yet, of course. Apple is pretty good at this kind of stuff. But their partners aren’t so secretive. […]