Baidu E-commerce Platform-YOUA Is Online

Today, Baidu finally rolls out its much-anticipated C2C e-commerce platform. After a few days’“YouA” beat, This e-commerce platform is called, together with, Baidu’s online payment platform, they are the only services by Baidu which don’t use a domain name under During its private test Baidu Launched C2C online trading “YouA-beat”, about 10,000 […]

Baidu Launched C2C online trading “YouA”

Yesterday, Baidu’s Internet trading platform “YouA” beat.( launched, Also Baidu’s online payment service Baifubao(  launched. So far,  Baidu into the most in the field of e-commerce .      News: 60,000 online users have been able to sell goods on “Youa”. Despite YouA(BEAT) just launched online for a litte time. but Baidu “YouA” to provide consumers with a huge choice […]

Baidu C2C VS Taobao

Since Baidu launch its C2C service , actually the war between Baidu and Taobao has begun already. Taobao has blocked Baidu spiders to crawl. Now Baidu released a tool for Baidu C2C’s users, which can help them to export all items data from their shops on other C2C platform, of course, mainly from Taobao, and […]