Do Not Upgrade Backlinks Sale Links Control Plug-ins Backlinks-WP-Plugin

Today whemn i go to WP background, i see the Backlinks Sale Links Control Plug-ins Backlinks-WP-Plugin havs a new wersion1.1. So i  click on automatically upgrade to update the plug-in, But it knows the wrong upgrade, When I open the blog home page, backlink code found to the problem of the sidebar Department, and certainly the […]

Why the English site pagerank is high

I am a Chinese, Chinese is my mother language.Most of the website is English, in the recently years, chinese websites are creasing very quickly.But the pagerank of chinese websites are very low till September 27th, after this day chinese websites have a pagerank of 10.The site is ‘’. It is a site of China goverment. […]

Make Money With Sell Text Links On

  If you have web pages with PageRank and would like to sell text links on them but don’t have the time to do it yourself, There are a number of text link ads services that pay you for the text links displayed on your blog or website. is a text link ad service that […]

9 Ways to Build Worthwhile Backlinks To Your Blog

Having a link back to your blog is like having a ‘vote’ towards you blog in the search engines. Backlinks have become even more important now with the mysterious “Google Pagerank”. Backlinks are awesome also because they not only help your search engine ranks but they also provide links all over the web for people […]