JomSocial Profile Pro Joomla Extension Review & Download

JomSocial Profile Pro is an extension providing you with a completely new way of creating profile pages in JomSocial. Which is a joomla extension similar to Community Builder Profile Pro  from Joomduck. It brings the power of visual profile customizing to JomSocial users. With this joomla extension you have endless posibilities of designing JomSocial profile pages and customizing user information layout on them. You have the ability to manage your profile pages visually, as you do it with an usual article.

JomSocial Profile ProJomSocial Profile Pro is Get rid of standard design and layout, create profile pages with unique, non-standart and user-fiendly appearance. The only restriction in customizing a profile page is your own imagination. You can create profile pages easily and quickly, No more have to deal with CSS stylesheet files, create your custom design and layout directly in Joomla WYSIWYG editor: what you see when you edit a profile page is what you get right after you click the save button.

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Download JomSocial Profile Pro Joomla Extension, create unlimited number of profile pages and let your users choose between them. This is great for social network sites and sites where you have different groups of member with different fields.

Download JomSocial Profile Pro Joomla Extension Price:  €12.90 ( by Plimus)


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