Community Builder Profile Pro Joomla Extension

Community Builder Profile Pro from Joomduck, which is an extension providing you with a completely new way of creating profile pages in community builder, component on Joomla! 1.5 websites.  Now you have endless posibilities customizing profile pages, making them look as you need without any much time spending. With this extension you can manage your profile pages visually, as you manage a content article.

Community Builder Profile Pro

Community Builder Profile Pro

Turn you Community Builder into a modern-looking social component, make it unique and attractive with Community Builder Profile Pro.

Get rid of ordinary and boring Community Builder profiles. Create complex profiles with unique design, non-standart information layout and up to 7 pages. Creating complex community builder profile pages with unique design, non-standart information layout and several pages is now possible.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use extension at the same time. Everyone can install it and start creating beautiful profiles at once.

Community Builder Profile Pro Features:

  • Visual customizing. You can easily and quickly customize profile, profile edit and registration pages in Community Builder.
  • Profile types. You can create unlimited number of Community Builder profile types.(own profile, profile edit and registration pages design, different fields, tabs and CB template).
  • Frontend access. Frontend users can customize their own profiles themselves.
  • Multiple pages in profile. Community Builder user profile can be divided into up to 7 linkable pages.
  • Magic Window plugin functionality. Using this special plugin included you can easily insert in any place of profile page, profile edit page or registration page the following:
    • Community Builder field (field value on profile and field value submission on profile edit and registration pages). You have an option to insert a field alone or with title, apply instantly CSS classes for the field and its title.
    • Community Builder tab or all tabs within tab position.
    • Html/php/javascript code. Absolutely any code using special interface can be inserted.
    • Content, shown/not shown depending on the following characteristics of user, viewing the profile: usertype, profile type, profile owner or not .
    • Content, shown/not shown depending on a value of any Community Builder field of either a profile owner or a profile viewer.
    • Joomla! modules within module position; link, opened in modal window; javascript tooltip (Joomla! built-in features).
    • Content in javascript tabs. Up to 12 tabs can be created in a click with a theme selected and such features as open on mouseover, collapse content, show last visited tab.
  • reCAPTCHA integration. reCAPTCHA is a popular free anti-bot service. You can put it in one click on a Community Builder registration page.
  • Content plugins support. A great number of Joomla! content plugins (plugins, used in articles) can be used on profile, profile edit and registration pages.

Price: €19.90

Demo  Extension | Download Community Builder Profile Pro ( by Plimus)