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Only The Best Magento Themes!Magento Extensions works on Magento, as like the wordpress plugins work on wordpress. They are modules to help you handle a range of tasks easily and efficiently. HelloThemes Magento Extensions, Do you know these HelloThemes Extensions, I have notice will review Premium Magento themes and Best Magento Extensions on our site.

Today, I will review the first of 5 HelloThemes Extensions,( 3 premium HelloThemes Magento Extensions and 2 free). HelloThemes 5Best Magento Extensions All update ( 03-22-2010)

HelloSlide Extension for Magento

HelloSlide is an extension allows users to completely customize the feel and look of there frontpage slider. Upload your images in sequence and change the look of your slider. HelloSlide is perfect if your looking to showcase your latest products or special offers.

HelloSlide Features:

  • Backend Magento access to extension.
  • Customize color and styles to your liking.
  • Customizable transitions, to make it faster or slower, pagination or normal scroll.
  • Upload your images directly from Magento without having to manually upload your images.
  • Showcase your latest products and/or special offers.
  • Video Tutorial to teach you how it all works
  • Release Date: 08 January, 2010
  • Magento Version 1.3+

Price:  $79

 View Live Demo | Download HelloSlide

HelloProfit Extension for Magento

 HelloProfit is an extension that lets you view the net profit on sales and the percentage gain between product cost and selling price. Allows you to filter the search by date, product name, net profit, percentage, etc. A must have for complete track of your net profits!

HelloProfit Features

  • Keep up to date with your net profit in real time.
  • Keep up to date with your net profit sales, percentage gain between product cost and selling price.
  • Allows you to filter different sections such as date, product name, net profit, percentage and more!
  • Easy to use and install.
  • A must have for complete track of your net profits!

Price:  $79

View Live Demo | Download HelloProfit

HelloChat Extension for Magento

Hello Chat offers the possibility to give full customer support online to respond instantly to the consultations of your clients.  The main characteristics of HelloChat is that you need to have a  gmail account to be able to offer the support online.

HelloChat Features

  • Your customers can contact you directly in real time to your support department.
  • Have up to 3 staff connected to communicate with your customers.
  • Configure your gmail accounts all in your backend.
  • Easy to use and setup in minutes.

Price:  $79

View Live Demo | Download HelloSlide

HelloUpload Extension for Magento

HelloUpload allows you to upload and install your theme directly from the backend of your Magento store. Its funcionality was made to make installing a theme the easiest job possible. No more installation fees.
HelloUpload Features

  • Access HelloUpload from the backend of your Magento store.
  • No more installation fees or having to manually install themes through FTP.
  • Installs slider blocks, sliders, colors and the theme itself all from a click of a button.
  • Video Tutorial to show you how it works.
  • Upload and Install your theme in minutes and guess what!

Price:  Free

View Live Demo | Download HelloUpload

HelloThemes Extension for Magento

Say hello to HelloThemes that displays all the latest HelloThemes blog feeds, new themes that get released as well as new extensions that get released. This extension is needed to be able to use any of our extensions.

HelloThemes Features

  • Get up to date with HelloThemes all from your backend of Magento.
  • Displays HelloThemes latest blog feeds, new themes and extensions.
  • Has to be uploaded and installed before installing any of our extensions.
  • Easy to use and setup in minutes.

Price:  Free

View Live Demo | Download HelloThemes

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