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ReviewsPRESS Review:

You can create your own unique individual rating options. So reviewsPRESS can be used for ANY niche, products or services. You name it, either a niche you are already involved in or targeting a new niche with a little help from reviewsPRESS, you can!

ReviewsPRESS is a unique WordPress theme integrated with a review plugin. It’s got all the normal features of WordPress you’ve come to love, and your favorite plugins, but with the added product review plugin integrated with the unique reviewsPRESS theme. Simply upload the theme and plugin, activate them like any other and hay presto a review site 😉

Once you start to get some visitors adding ratings and reviews, your blog will automatically display the positive and negative reviews and the overall score. The very best content is made by your visitors posting reviews, it creates a discussion. The overall score calculated for products reviewed, pushes the best to the top of the list. Helping you make the most sales possible. Why?Easy, for example a visitor is looking for a product on teaching affiliate marketing. You reviewed 5 products, and have 10 people add their own reviews and ratings. It pushes one product to the top, looking at the overall score, it’s a clear winner. The visitor looking to buy the product has already decided, even before visiting the sales page, you’ve made their mind up for them! Clicks your affiliate link and buys, that’s why review sites are so profitable.Here’s how your visitor review will look like, simple, clean and easy to read…

You can also display a comparison chart, with the best rated products, it’s very easy to add to a blog page, and display the key points about each of the products…

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