ReviewsPRESS – Another WordPress Product Review Theme

WordPress Review Theme – ReviewPRESS, It’s another WordPress Product Review Theme for marketers, Which can turn your blog into a fully funtional Product Review Site but with the simplicity of a Blog in LESS than 14 minutes from download to install AND YOUR first wordpress product review site setup..!

What is ReviewsPRESS anyhow?

ReviewsPRESS – A unique WordPress theme integrated with a review plugin. It’s got all the normal features of WordPress you’ve come to love, and your favorite plugins, but with the added product review plugin integreated with the unique reviewsPRESS theme. Simply upload the theme and plugin, activate them like any other and YOUR VERY OWN INSTANT REVIEW SITE!!

ReviewsPRESS - WordPress Review theme

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 ReviewsPRESS Features:

  • Define categories of ratings you wish to collect.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Globally enable/disable plugin per category.
  • Enable/disable given rating category per category.
  • Collect ratings along with every new comment.
  • Recalculating ratings on deleting comments.
  • Display ratings collected for each comment.
  • Display average rating from all collected ratings for a post review.
  • Display the number of positive or negative ratings for each post review.
  • Display weighted overall post score rating.
  • Define HTML to appear before and after rating labels.

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