WPUnlimited 1.1.2 Released And 50% Discount For 48 Hours

I think if you have visited my wordpress theme blog site you would know the WPUnlimited theme. I have write about is in some month before here  WP Unlimited Theme Version 1.1. But in the july 22nd, They have update the WPUnlimited theme, It is WPUnlimited WordPress Theme Version 1.1.1 .

Today i get an email notice that : They have changed some small bugs, The main issue fixed is a problem some folks were having with shortcodes.so the WPUnlimited theme have updated to WPUnlimited 1.1.2. Here is some changes and new.

Bugs Fixed

A couple of annoying bugs fixed:

  • Shortcodes not working
  • Image caption css issue

Changed Files

If you have changed files in WPUnlimited, and don’t want to lose those changes, here is a file list of what was modified to get to this new version. You can just upload and overwrite these files.

  • functions.php
  • post.php
  • style.css

Also, we’re running a 50% discount for 48 hours.  This includes all products, single license, developer license, upgrade to dev license, and credit removal.  Use code: august50

WPUnlimited Demo Page | Purchase WPUnlimited theme use ” august50

Update: Feb 18. 2010

WPUnlimited WordPress Theme Discount Coupon Code

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