Chinese IM Tool: QQ2009 Beta English Release

Chinese IM tool The QQ, Tancheng LCC. Release QQ2009 Beta English,So from now on, we can use it talk with everyone, Also Chinese and English. Great for people. If you are a newer, and no QQ ID. Apply for a QQ ID for free. 

Language: English    Size: 14.2M
System Requirements (Support Windows Vista)

Official Free Download

 What’s New list:

Fresh Interface, More Skins and Backgrounds

A fresh new UI brings you a plain and elegant visual experience. By clicking the new “Change Skin” button in the main panel, you can try various colors and backgrounds and give your main panel a brand new look. 

Easily Edit Your Personal Message

To instantly share your mind with friends, just click and edit your personal message in the main panel.

Friendly Main Panel

List of contacts, groups and most recent contacts are shown in sliding side-by-side tabs. The left sidebar can be collapsed if desired.

Simple Chat Window

The toolbar at the top of the chat window is condensed into a single row. You can also display or hide the QQ Show area as you like.


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