Lenovo “oPhone” Android mobile phone specific parameters has exposured

Before five days, I said Lenovo Ophone Has Entered The Stage Of Testing, But the today there is further information disclosed, oPhone the specific parameters of exposure.

Android platform has been a growing number of manufacturers are concerned, following the G1, Australia’s second Kogan launched Android phone Agora, Taiwan-based manufacturers Qi also issued a WM / Android platform for the two-i6, Lenovo’s cooperation with China Mobile Ophone spy for the first time yesterday as the exposure,It goes without saying that the system, using Android, the use of 5,000,000 pixels auto-focus camera, video recording capabilities. We do not know the size of memory, but the phone has a microSD expansion slot, in both English and Chinese import rules for the virtual keyboard In addition, there will be one integrated Bluetooth 2.0.

Look at the picture , Lenovo Ophone uses large touch-screen design, the fuselage of the positive coverage of the high-polished mirror panels, on the bottom of symmetry for the handset and the recognition of the key, on both sides of the fuselage by adding a highlight of the silver-white metal frame, the whole Comparing the style atmosphere, it is used by OMS (open mobile system) platform, into a more mobile platform Android is more suited to China’s national conditions and is moving in 2009 pushed the main products.

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