Lenovo Ophone Has Entered The Stage Of Testing

The new China-based open-end phone system OMS, the depth of customization features China Mobile Ophone Lenovo mobile phone services now in the testing stage, will be officially launched in the near future.

It is reported that the Lenovo mobile phone Ophone will open a new China-based mobile phone system (open mobile system), “in the application level, with different Google phone, OMS will be integrated phone features a large number of Chinese mobile business, it should be said that more Chinese characteristics , In line with China’s national conditions. ” Ophone Lenovo Mobile will be integrated in all strategic business in 2009, is expected to drive mobile Internet phone application of the new trend.

Prior to that, based on the Android platform Google G1 cell phone on October 23 in the United States formally listed, the user for the Chinese version of the Gphone look forward to a gradual warming, the network version of the cottage on a variety of popular Gphone have begun.

 Analysts have said that the cottage is the only version of the Gphone “shell” may, features, the cottage manufacturers do not have the ability to launch Gphone true. OMS move as a key strategy for the future, the need for more terminal manufacturers have the ability to participate in order to Completion of an important application of mobile Internet distribution.

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