Adobe Flash Player 10 VS Microsoft Silverlight 2

After only a few weeks of Adobe released their Flash Player 10 (beta), This week,  Adobe releases its official version of the Flash Player 10 for Linux, Windows and Mac systems, it has many new features, But Microsoft  released Silverlight 2 this week. The direct competition start, Who will be winner.

You know Adobe is the traditional hegemony of the market, But since Microsoft released Silverlight in the past year, and has 150 alliance partners, including NBC Olympic Web site, Blockbuster, Amazon and Yahoo( Japan), and so on, the utilization rate has increased dramatically.

Silverlight has the advantage of the many features, such as content protection, deep zoom technology, Microsoft’s Starter Edition. Net framework and built-in control functions. Silverlight also supports a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, Visual Basic, C # and IronPython, etc.

Look at the Flash Player 10.  It is support for the new 3-D technology built-in,  improved handling of audio sound effects through video improved performance, faster, smoother video playback. In addition, the company Adobe by virtue of its 25 years of experience, has developed a new version of the engine, which allows the engine designers and developers with more text layout options to achieve better control of the text. Others, Adobe has also improved the repair of the camera – a camera function. According to Adobe’s Mike Melanson said, Flash Player 10 has increased in line with the Video4Linux v2 API for the camera function of internal support.

Do you know who will win in the network market in the future?


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