Another Four Ways to Attract Comments on Your Blog

Now, my blog-Web about Money is a little over 5 months old and right now I have a total of 180 posts with 2,10l comments. I have tried a lot of things to attract comments on my blog, many which have worked out well and continue to help bring in a lot of comments. Most of these techniques do not require special settings or plugins on your blog, so they will work great for any blogger on any blogging platform. Yestoday, I write a post 9 Ways to Build Worthwhile Backlinks To Your Blog and today write Another Four Ways to Attract Comments on Your Blog. I think they are good for you to read!

1:Removing the No-follow tag on my commentors link

Once I discovered that there was a no-follow tag on my commentors link, I quickly removed it with a WordPress plugin –NofollowReciprocity . If you comment on my blog, why not get a linkback to your website for search engines too! A lot of people are worried about getting more spam by removing the no-follow tag, but honestly I haven’t had too much of a problem because I approve all first time commentors. Maintenance on my comments has been very minimal.

2:Answer my own commentors

When I started to get comments on my blog, I was estatic and I started to respond to my commentors on a regular basis. At first it seems a little dopey to say thanks, but once you get into it you will find you have a lot more to say and continue to share more information you may have not included in your post. This also will help continue the conversation and hopefully your commentors will provide their own knowledge too.

3:Starting friendships and creating a community

The blogsphere is not like any other community on the Internet. It is very unique in all aspects and you need to be a blogger (past or present) in order to understand what other bloggers are going through. By starting friendships with other bloggers, my blog starting to turn more into a community where other bloggers knew each other and commenting was just like a continued conversation from each others blogs.

4:Visiting and commenting on my commentors blogs

I enjoy visiting my commentors blogs and leaving comments. I have even subscribe to my commentors RSS feeds, infact 75% of the blogs I’m subscrirbed to happen to be from my commentors. I really do enjoy visiting other blogs where I know the blogger and that the blogger is also interested in what I have to say. I guess in exchange I attract other bloggers who are similar to me in this way. My biggest hurdle now is trying to keep up with visiting my commentors blogs because my comments have kept increasing making this a little more difficult to keep up with.


  1. YE, I have installed CommentLuv too! It’s a good Plugin.

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