Splashing Pixels Mojo WordPress E-commerce Theme

Mojo is a highly fun and exciting theme for premium WordPress ecommerce from SplashingPixels, Mojo Theme is now a reality and can be in your hot little hands in 5 minutes! A lot of love has been put into this theme and countless refinements. Mojo WordPress Theme have the fully customizable footer category menu. With […]

Splashing Pixels Organico WordPress E-commerce Theme

If you’re looking for a pure “earthy” style theme? Organico is a premium WordPress e-commerce theme from Splashing Pixels, Organico theme is a great place to start to build your green store! The Organico WordPress e-commerce theme is a perfect mix of simplicity of texture, shadows and settle colors, offers really exclusive features to make it incredibly […]

Splashing Pixels Massimo WordPress E-commerce Theme

Massimo is a unique premium WordPress e-commerce theme from Splashing Pixels, Massimo theme is luxurious and classy with modern clothing industry in mind. The Massimo WordPress Theme is unique, pro features and an extra touch of sexiness. Featured quick-view, drop-down cart and custom user account registration are just to mention some of them. Massimo WordPress Theme […]