Kaspersky Anti-Virus Technical Preview Released for Windows 7

Kaspersky Lab, the developer of popular anti-virus for Windows has released a technical preview of the latest anti-virus for Windows 7. The technical preview is a complex solution for securing computers running under Windows 7. The prototype includes not only an antivirus component but an effective and fully functional firewall and anti-spam filter. Windows 7 […]

Norton AntiVirus / Internet Security 2009

Norton AntiVirus is a powerful anti-virus software, it can help you detect thousands of known and unknown viruses, and to boot every time, automatic protection will be in the Permanent System Tray, when you from the disk, network On the road, E-mail folder in the file to open the file when the file will automatically […]

Spy worm extended to Picasa, Google Reader

Security experts said on Wednesday: The worm to attack Facebook users again, through disguised as ActiveX video decoder, the malicious software secretly installed on the user’s system. The virus have been intercepted for the first time on Tuesday by FortiGuard experts, which through the infected user’s Facebook friends computer to send a message to invite them inside Google […]