10 Blackberry Software Must Download And Installed

IPhone is still pop, and also by the majority of MEIZU Friends play at home. But real blackBerry users are all unmoved, adhere to the BB camp. I you want to play with BlackBerry, you must have installed some softwares, the following “10 BlackBerry software will be installed” is recommended by my friend.

1.hotkey master

 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

BlackBerry’s hotkey master, Which is custom shortcuts BlackBerry software, can help extend the BlackBerry’s keyboard shortcuts, you can use the BlackBerry ROM 4.2 in the above models (to be with the Convenience Key).

2.Opera mini

 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

want Online, must have use Internet browser, Look the Mobile browser market, now you do not want to run other, Opera mini is your choice. Opera mini version of N now, you need to do is find a model you like, and then use it on your Internet!


 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

This not to say, my chat tool is basically QQ(Chinese IM Tool: QQ2009 Beta English Release). Now I installed the mobile phone 3 QQ, is the ultimate version 08, 07 and 05 the final version. The main chat now 08, occasionally 07, if the day would like to hang with 05 on QQ.


 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

我一开始用的是Berrymail, 用了一会感觉不是很上手,可能是我太笨了吧。我就开始用尚邮,整体感觉非常棒。我曾在饭否向一位饭友推荐尚邮,然后就有了一会的不愉快经历。其实吧,我觉 得用什么不一样?只要适合你自己就行,干嘛管人家是怎么做广告的?有人说尚邮很费电,我用berrymail的时间不长,我也没法做比较。我把尚邮的收取 间隔设为一个小时,没觉得有多费电,哈哈。其实我在使用139邮箱,通过gmail的转发功能转发到139邮箱,当有新邮件的时候移动会在第一时间通知我 有新邮件了,我进入短信列表轻轻的一点“收取邮件”,尚邮就开始为我收邮件了,总体感觉还行。

5.Gmail client

 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

Gmail is still there after the mail client on the back seat, and can I still put it on. When there is no time for the network can also look at the inside of the “offline” message, very good.

 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

I am not very fond of the past bubble forum aftar since the 3G, I like to use mobile phones on the forum. N inside the built-in forums and more mainstream, what Tianya Mop pocket of all income. Would like to know how many there in the end only to see their installed myself ~ ~~

7.Goole Sync
 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

With Google Sync, you will not have to worry about lost mobile phone address book has also been lost. At the same time, it also supports Google calendar sync, you create a new BlackBerry client “date”, Google Sync will automatically sync to Google calendar, if SMS to remind you that time, Google will automatically send text messages to remind you that you went to see a girlfriend, ha ha. However, it will consume a lot of traffic you Yo, pay attention to control their own ~ ~

 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

In fact, I installed a query to the Lunar calendar, although the adoption of Google Sync synchronization of the calendar can be synchronized to the Chinese mobile phone can be very interesting I do not think so, then filled a number of Chinese software support, I think the comparison Handcalendar The software is very good, as well as Nokia’s lunar calendar.

 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

Txt format if you want to see the e-books, I suggest that you do not toss the blind, and it Anyview. 8700 with a large screen, use it to read e-books are perfect, and also supports anyview song playback, but also support background play, why not quickly loaded it?

10.BuzzMe 10 BlackBerry software will be installed

BlackBerry does not support caller ringing and vibration at the same time, if you need this feature, then you install it BuzzMe, it can satisfy your request.

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