Top 10 Christmas Free WordPress Themes

At this time of the year, It’s time of Chrismas, what theme is better than a Christmas WordPress Theme!  

Christmas is just around the corner, looking for some free Christmas theme and WordPress download up their own blog, which is, according to post-Christmas wallpaper and a touching gift, the selection of 10 Christmas WordPress blog themes (Christmas WordPress Theme) to share collection To you all!

1.Christmas WordPress Theme

Christmas Theme

Download Christmas WordPress Theme

2. Christmas Days

Download “Christmas Days” WordPress Theme

3.Christmas blue

Download (请用迅雷点击下载)

I like the three before, Test them.

4.ristmas Gifts (2 colums)

Download “Christmas Gifts” WordPress Theme

5.Vermilion Christmas Theme

Download “Vermilion Christmas” WordPress Theme

6 Merry Christmas WordPress Theme

Test Run | Download

7.Cosmin’s WordPress Theme for Christmas


8.”Red Christmas” WordPress Theme

This one is a little too red, but i still like the header part and the menu’s headers. So, if you’re a Coca Cola fan, or a Manchester United suporter (:P), you might enjoy using this theme this Christmas.

Christmas Days

Download “Red Christmas” WordPress Theme

9.Christmas Gift (3-Column)


10.Christmas WordPress Theme

Alternative download

Some of them have no preview, or download it is very difficult, because I can not get, I think you should not hurt because the former three should be no problem, and I feel the best.


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