Affiliate Marketing Programs Network Click2Sell VS ClickBank

Click2Sell offers money making opportunity with best free online affiliate program. Merchants – promote your products online and develop your online. is an innovative online affiliate marketing network portal, which combines an online point of sale, transaction processing using integrated payment service providers and an affiliate network in one website.
I just Sign Up to Click2Sell and it does seem so easy, I moved on from clickbank after they kept giving people my product for free with no re-course on product refunds. I need a company that will stand by me (the publisher) as well. Paydotcom doesn’t make me any money at all (not 1 sale so far) and no customer service from either paydotcom or clickbank. I will try click2sell and see how it goes. Product limitations tho need to be opened up a bit, other then that the site is nice and easy.

Click2Sell makes it easy and beneficial for both online sellers and marketers to take advantage of affiliate marketing:

  • Intuitive to use, user-friendly interface
  • Full freedom for merchants
  • Reliability and security for affiliates
  • Powerful reporting system
  • Advanced customer support

If you want to sell your products online Click2Sell enables you to:

  • Put your product on the marketplace to increase your sales
  • Sell digital, material or subscription based products
  • Use your PayPal, Moneybookers,, Worldpay or Google Checkout account  to receive payments instantly
  • Accept payments from buyers in USD, EUR or GBP
  • Join built-in affiliate network to recruit an army of affiliates
  • Forget about affiliate payment problem – we’ll do everything for you

If you want to make money online with Click2Sell you can:

  • Receive up to 95% of commissions
  • Promote unlimited number of products form one free account
  • Get paid automatically – no more troubles with it
  • Receive commissions straight to your PayPal or Moneybookers account
  • Be sure no one can steal your commissions thanks to unique referral link system
  • Be protected – with Click2Sell you always get your earned commissions

Furthermore, each Click2Sell member is able to find out and track how their online sales are made – where do the customers come from, which advertising method works best for them, which search engines and keywords refer the most buyers and much more. All they need to do is Sign Up and Click-to-Sell.”


  1. What about PayDotCom?


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