Next year USB 3.0 speed of 10 times will be available

The new “Superspeed USB” than the current 10 times faster than USB2.0, USB3.0 specification has been present in the final stages of completion. The end of this year is expected to issue a draft specification, next year we will see Superspeed USB shelf products. USB Promotion Group Chairman Jeff Ravencraft said, Superspeed USB highest transmission speed of USB 2.0 will be 10 times the minimum transfer speeds of up to 300MB / s.

It will bring a higher flash memory products, the speed, the use of solid-state hard drive, USB2.0 interface from the upgrade to 3.0, then the propeller aircraft to jets that leap. Superspeed USB cable and the port will be backward compatible model, intel has been abandoned before the fiber-optic interconnection as a means of transmission, it is understood that it is cost-effective, and the current speed USB3.0 reached a “very Satisfied with the results, “without the need to develop an in-depth manner.

Look at the picture,



USB3.0 interface is divided into two parts, part of the adoption and consistent USB2.0 pin; a series of additional electrical USB3.0 interface for the use of signal transmission. According to Ravencraft said, USB3.0 will be released mid-next year, and for high-end products, the product will be officially launched in 2010, no doubt, however, released at the end of the draft USB3.0 specifications, manufacturers are sure to take the lead in competition Some 3.0 launch.


  1. Wooohooo, that’s awesome!! I love speed.


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