Shenzhou Seven Launched on September25 and Details

Shenzhou seven(神舟七号) will chiose the launch time from 21:07 to 22:27  on September 25 China time. Now, the Shenzhou Seven has Launched On September 25 21:10. Long March two F launch vehicle ignition, Shenzhou seventh airship in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center lift-off and shenzhou seven Airship normal injection. I have list the details by time.

In the scene everybody together from the bottom final 10 seconds, Shenzhou seven, in the voice has not fallen ignites, the orange color roaring flame raises from the rocket rear part, we see to a perfect lift-off, the Shenzhou seven perpendicular incidence vaults of heaven.

  • 21:10, Shenzhou seventh airship in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center ignition lift-off .
  • 21:15 USB and the radar tracking normal cowling separates
  • 21:16 Qingdao control station to discover goal
  • 21:20 Shenzhou seventh ship arrow separates the  
  • 21:22 astronaut to report normally said the sun the surfboard launches the body to feel good the
  • 21:23 god seven airship sun surfboard to open far the, Normal injection.
  • 21:30, Beijing astronautics flies controls the center to announce: shenzhou seven Airship normal injection .
  • 21:31 god seven airship normal injection .

The god seven launching missions was ended, and will complete the following monitoring according to the plan.