Selling Text Link The No-Follow Way And No Fear

 Somedays age, I said that “LinkXL – Traffic Building And Make Money With Selling Links“.Yes, I do it. I have join it, Now my account is appliced, I’m happy. Now I can make money with LinkXL. When I login in my account, I feel Surprised! However, you do not have to worry about selling link juice (which can cause Googlesmack) because LinkXL has an option of selling no-follow links. I am quite reluctant to share with others. You see, if more people join, I will probably get less shares of income. But on the other hand, if we don’t promote a company, they may not be able to find more publishers.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up Linkxl now and see if it works for you. Imagination When you put up the plugin from LinkXL for one of your blog, immediately get 10 offers! The nicest thing is you can upload and install the plugin and forget all about it. When it comes to month’s end, money will be sent to your PayPal. Easy-peasy, no crapping needed.

If your blog has internal pagerank in those single posts, you can sell them for very good price. For example, if I have a PR3/10 internal pagerank, I can offer to sell a link for say, USD30 per month. If that page commands a good position in the search results, then, you can sell them for even more. But my blog have a PR1/10 internal pagerank, So I think I can make little money than you !  🙂  What a pit !

If you are a blogger using your own blog, then, you merely need to install the plugin and sit back and wait for advertisers to buy them. The links go into the keywords in your posts. This means, you will have hundreds of potential links to be sold.

To find out more about LinkXL, here’s my aff link to help you make money with LinkXL.


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