20+ Tips to SEO Your RSS Feed Subscribers

There are many ways in which you can SEO your rss subscribers. I have tried to compile some of the best ones here:

1.Write descriptive headings for your blog posts – They should purely point to the content in your post and describe optimally about what is written and it is relevant to whom and what.

2.Make the post user friendly and your blog easy to subscribe. The new readers of your post, who liked your article, are willing to subscribe, should be easily able to find the ‘subscribe now’ option on your site.

3. Comments should be encouraged on every post of your blog. A well written blog entry invites more readers and comments from them. Make it known to them that you value their distinct comments and they herald an improving ladder for you.

4. Give people different options on how they want to subscribe as readers like e-mail and different RSS feed readers (e.g. Google Feed Reader). Some may even prefer feed readers depending on their Internet browsers.

5. Sign up for Feedburner as it provides a variety of popular tools and options like tracking, statistics and social media links.

6. Only when your subscriber count reaches a good threshold level, display it on your blog somewhere. This gives a good initial impression on the new readers about your site, its popularity and its usefulness as more subscribers imply such a review only.

7. Try to build a trustful community where you always are in contact with the gossip within your readers about the latest article you posted. Always reply to the comments received and help those who are in need. This will make your readers come back for more everyday.

8. If you learn to use social media websites correctly then you’ll have good number of quality links forwarding search engines towards your article or content. If properly used, social media websites like Digg or Del.icio.us can drive free traffic towards your content and articles.

9. You can provide incentives to reach out to people who are not using feed readers. The incentives can be made available to these feeds only. This will help you in spreading some additional tips, content and information to such subscribers.

10. You can also ask for advice from your readers about your post if they felt anything was left out. They can suggest different tips and tactics.

11. Be open and honest about feedbacks even if they criticize your article or post. You’ll end up having more subscribers because honesty pays!

13. Keep track of the market by observing the latest trends. You can then write posts and articles about the products which are hot in the area accordingly.

14. When you are writing articles, try to establish a connection of it with you and others. This will make you more close to your readers.

15. Bylines are where the authors of other articles are credited for their writings. If your target audience is special, mention it in the byline.

16. Never forget to mention the advantages and benefits to the readers as to why they should subscribe to your blog or post.

17. One important thing that you should keep in your mind about blogging is that the content you put up should really be unique. It should differentiate your site from all others.

18. Don’t ever try to fool your subscribers or lie to them. They are far smarter and fast paced than we as they decide the market and the trends. Once you have gained the trust of your subscribers with your hard work, it can be a boon or a bane. If you maintain it then it will increase the number of subscribers or if you lost it (by telling a lie or trying to fool them) you may never be able to recover them back.

19. When selling out ad space on your blog, be sure that it is in sync with the kind of matter you put on blog or closely related. Make your blog resourceful.

20. Do not go over the top with advertising. It will bury your content’s importance and make your page an ad trash. You do not want your readers to go back just at a mere sight of your page.

21. One of the interesting ways to increase your subscriber count is to create a more artistic and eye catchy kind of blog. The blog design should be attractive and very original.

22. A great way to get to some people who are not blogging everyday is email subscribing. It is one of the best deals which can guarantee an 8-10% rise in the subscriber count in a fortnight. You can select your favorite email application like Gmail or Outlook and draft a wonderful and personalized mail, which can connect to the reader. You can provide the subscribing details and the verification system in the end and remind them they haven’t missed a chance to subscribe today.

The most important thing for any blogger and his blog are the readers, and everything should be done in their interest. May it be the content or the themes of your site, the whole blog system is based on the number of readers it has and the amount of comments it receives from them. Subscriber RSS Feed!:-)

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