19 New WordPress Plugin Releases for 11/11

I find that, too many day I havn’t report new WordPress Plugin Releases news, so today, i reorganization 19 new WordPress Plugin for you! look at here! Negaraku Adds Negaraku button to your WordPress blog posts – fully customizable. Birthday List Enter the birthdays you want to remember and it will warn you 7 days in advance. WordPress […]

10 Steps For Gaining New Subscribers Fast

Over the past few months I have focused a lot of time testing and tracking different strategies for gaining subscribers and I have been able to consistently grow my daily subscription rate and it keeps getting better and better. Here are the top 10 things that you can start doing right now to explode your […]

20+ Tips to SEO Your RSS Feed Subscribers

There are many ways in which you can SEO your rss subscribers. I have tried to compile some of the best ones here: 1.Write descriptive headings for your blog posts – They should purely point to the content in your post and describe optimally about what is written and it is relevant to whom and what. 2.Make […]

9 Tips to Increase The Subscribers to Your Blog

The biggest problem most of the bloggers have is that, they don’t know how to convert their first blog visitors into loyal readers and how to motivate them to subscribe to their blog feeds. When any of your blog reader has subscribed to your blog feed in his/her feed reader, then he/she will most likely […]