what is the Web2.0 –part 1

The history is very important. Must embark to a technology’s study from the history, forms historical through it in the time changing, can know the present situation, even can know in advance the future .What that is Web1.0? they said that remembers static HTML the WWW time? (that time’s does WWW apply, people’s Web experience, how to the society the influence? ) under that dynamic HTML and static HTML Web compare, is how many editions? 1.5? Right, they are really such call.

Must present the data storage in the database, through the Web service end’s procedure, should user’s request, take out the data, in addition designs beforehand the template, the dynamic production Html code, transmits to user’s browser there. he is 1.0 series, should see for the user in the browser with Web1.0 is the same, it has 0.5 promotion, because the data is not manufactures beforehand issued, but is the dynamic production, needs to produce alternately with the user. that good, adds 0.5 again, to Web2.0, where is the change ?

Web2.0 is not a concrete thing, but is a stage, is facilitates this stage each kind of technology and a related product service name. Therefore, we were unable saying that Web2.0 was anything, but might say, these are the Web2.0 .

The WikiPedia Web2.0 clause following left these conditions:
*CSS and semantic related XHTML marks
 *AJAX technical *SyndicationofdatainRSS/ATOM
* succinct and meaningful URLs the
* support issue is the essential factor which weblog
*RESTian(preferred) or XMLWebserviceAPIs
 * some social network element must have includes:
* website should be able to let the user turn over the data inside and outside the website system.
* user has own data
* in the website system completely based on Web, all functions can penetrate the browser to complete.
Although this is only a single opinion. but, regarding talks about several essential factors, everybody recognizes.
  • Based on XML data and so on RSS/ATOM/RDF/FOAF synchronizations, polymerization and migration
  • The data no longer mixes with the page and the website sticks in the same place, it has been independent, it is walking with the user. This is the Web2.0 very key character. Why is this also Blog is Representative Web2.0 reason. In net will, what often lead is mutually an independent piece of net will.
  • Independent, then has the physical performance. Now, can let them enliven. By to XML data’s processing, these contents can by the free combination, by each kind of application procedure, no matter is the Web procedure or the tabletop procedure and so on presents and processes.
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