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Joomlashack gives you great Joomlashack University Discount Coupons for September 2018. From now through Saturday night, get 3 months of Joomla training for just $40 (compare that to our 2-month plan @ $69…you not only get an extra month of training, but you save $29!) or get 10 months of Joomla training for just $90 (compare […]

JoomlaShack Breeze Joomla Template For Light, Airy & Cool Sites

Breeze is colorful, versatile premium joomla1.6 template from Joomlashack, Breeze template is a light, airy & cool Joomla 1.6 Template makes building web sites a breeze with its 15 customizable parameters that make your site truly unique.. Source Graphics used to create the template, allowing easy customization of template graphics. And JoomlaShack templates give a […]

JM-Language-School Education Joomla Template

JM-Language-School is a premium Education Joomla 1.6 template from Joomla-Monster, JM Language School joomla template offer for School and Education category addressed in particular for language schools. JM-Language-School Joomla Template is worth to include eye-catching intro articles about countries culture to interest your potential customers in learning languages, Which contains example custom modules display any […]

JoomlaShack Scenica Joomla Template For Fashion & apparel Sites

Scenica is a gorgeous new premium fashion joomla template from Joomlashack, Scenica Template is perfect for anyone who wants to present their message in a more visual way. It’s eye-catching slideshow backgrounds (with built-in slideshow), With JoomlaShack Scenica Joomla Template clean design and open layout, you can work well with photo galleries, sites for visual artists, musicians, travel destinations, […]

DJ-Safari Travel & Adventure Joomla Template

DJ-Safari is premium Travel & Adventure Joomla Template from Joomla-Monster, DJ-Safari joomla template is dedicated especially to Travel & Adverture category websites, The DJ-Safari Travel & Adventure Joomla Template is great for you in the golden rays of the sun a mom elephant brings her small sun to water, watching out for predators lurking in […]

JoomlaShack Academia Joomla Template For Universities, Colleges

Academia is a premium Joomla! Educational Template from Joomlashack, Academia template is perfect for any website dealing with education, whether it be a university, college, academy, high school, elementary school or non-profit. Academia Joomla Template Features: 4 Beautiful Themes – Academia Template offers 4 default themes that you can easily customize to make your website […]

JoomlaShack Ascension Joomla Template Focused CSS Styles

Ascension is one of our best K2 premium Joomla templates from JoomlaShack,  Ascension Template focused CSS styles for the K2 Component by JoomlaWorks, improve Your  Content Experience. The JoomlaShack Ascension Joomla Template can be used for you business, porfolio websites with firendly user visit experience.  Ascension Joomla Template Features 4 Color Starter Themes Built-in CSS Dropdown Menu Logo Source […]

JoomlaShack Marble Joomla Template

Marble is a premium joomla template from JoomlaShack, Marble joomla template features CSS3 styles with very nice degrading IE styles. JoomlaShack Marble Joomla Template is ‘quiet elegance’ will give your website an understated, yet sophisticated look your visitors will appreciate. Marble Joomla Template Features Choose from left to right(ltr) and right to left (rtl) 4 […]

JoomlaShack JS Simple Praise Joomla Template

Simple praise is a simple, yet elegant premium Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 template from JoomlaShack, Simplepraise Joomla Template allow your visitors to easily scan and quickly retrieve the information they are looking for when they visit your site. And JoomlaShack JS Simplepraise Joomla Template is simply perfect for any website–especially news sites, blogs or communities. […]

JoomlaShack JS Pigment Joomla Template

If your site needs an artistic flair look no further, JS Pigment Joomla Template is for you! Pigment is a Joomla premium template from JoomlaShack, jS Pigment template comes with an original digital painting crafted. And the main feature of Js Pigment template comes packed with 5 template parameters to help you further customize your […]