AutoPligg 6 Review – Black Hat SEO Pligg Submitter Tool

If you look at the typical PLIGG site it’s structured much like Digg with categories and you put up your links in those categories and people can either vote them up or down and people leave comments on it, TheAutoPligg Desktop the Black Hat SEO Pligg Submitter Tool is great for you!

AutoPligg Coupon Code For AutoPligg Submitter ToolAutopligg 6.0 is a SEO Submitter Tool created by Syndyk8, a community known for using black hat SEO strategies to get results from SEO and make money on the Internet. Autopligg is a program that is designed to take advantage of Pligg, which is an open source content management system. Many sites are using Pligg in order to create sites and this program takes advantage of that. You can always contact the best SEO agency near you for advice on your business.

I use the Trackback Submitter – Automatic Trackback Software hesitantly in the case of Autopligg because it’s unique in the fact that yes it is a spam tool and it is automated link building but I think its real power lies in using it for white hat purposes and a way to mass post your stories to a whole lot of fuckin sites that want your posts. Do you like to use autoPligg Pligg Submitter now. Why not use Autopligg Coupon Code, or Autopligg discount code to save some money.

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AutoPligg Review – Black Hat SEO Pligg Submitter Tool

Autopligg – the best pligg submitter today! You can use it will easily and quickly submit to ton sites powered by pligg. It’s a very effective Pligg SEO Tool, you can get your site have ton of Backlink in 24 hours.

the AutoPligg Desktop is a auto Submitter, SEO SPAM tool, automatically creates multiple user accounts, submits stories and then even votes upon those submitted stories from the multiple pligg accounts that it created.

AutoPligg AutoPligg Desktop Features:

Register unlimited accounts, post as much stoeries as you want and even leave comments on those sites.

  • High quality 1 way links to your website
  • Automatically register for accounts. Even breaks CAPTCHAs!!
  • Create UNLIMITED profiles and indentities
  • Submit stories and comment to 1000′s of sites
  • Automated pinging after each submission
  • Stats to show succesful submissions
  • Proxy support
  • Increase your page ranking
  • Tag friendly
  • Flexible features
  • FREE lifetime updates
  • Access to the private forum
  • Get indexed in less than 24 hours flat! (google)
  • Get indexed in less than 48 hours flat! (yahoo)

Update: The new AutoPligg Desktop is up to 20 times faster than the Hosted Script version!

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