Ultimento Premium Magento Theme

Ultimento is the best eCommerce Magento theme ever developed! Based on the powerful Magento platform, Ultimento Magento Theme is a top-of-the-line, feature-rich eCommerce template that’s easy to use and customize.

Ultimento Magento Theme includes our award winnning premium Magento theme as well as over 10 cutting edge Magento extensions and must-have plugins that are known to dramatically increase conversions and visitor retention.

Ultimento Premium Magento Theme


Ultimento professional Magento template has been heavily optimized to the latest Search Engine standards, is fully cross browser compatible, is made to be easily customized, and the list goes on! Oh and yes – did I mention that it’s the fastest loading Magento template out there.

Ultimento Magento Theme Features

  • INCREASE SALES.Ultimento boosts user retention by up to 80% and dramatically increases conversions. Our customers say that their sales went up even by 60%!
  • GET FOUND.Ultimento will dramatically improve your Search Engine ranking. Every Magento page has been completely revamped to get maximum SEO results.
  • BE FAST.Ultimento is the fasted Magento template out there. Ligthening fast. Speed will increase your site’s retention and conversion rates.
  • STAY UNIQUE.You have to stand out in the crowd. Ultimento’s versatile design and features are easy to customize and change to fit your unique eCommerce needs.

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